Valmont Wireless Communication Products and Services

Monopoles, Wireless Towers, Tower Services and Components 

With an unparalleled offering of time-proven brands, Valmont Communication Structures offers Microflect™, PiRod® and Valmont wireless towers to meet the growing, modern-day demand for wireless communication infrastructure.

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Leveraging a solid foundation of in-house, engineering excellence, Valmont can design and produce structures which address tough technical challenges in most any environment.

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In addition to designing monopole and cellular tower infrastructure, the company’s engineering pros provide tower re-analysis services which are essential for equipment retrofits and upgrades.

Valmont Site Pro 1® offers a broad selection of essential components for wireless communication towers which can be ordered online.

Matco has a team of professionals who provide tower safety inspections which help tower owners determine the structural integrity of aging infrastructure. Clear recommendations to address specific on-site safety concerns are provided.

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