Veterans Memorial Bridge - Portland, ME

Creative Concept Illuminates
Veterans Memorial Bridge

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Veterans Memorial Bridge - Portland ME - 1
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While Valmont supplies the world's infrastructure needs, we also feed customer creativity. An architect, working on the Veterans Memorial Bridge came up with a concept to blend the structure with its natural surroundings. Valmont provided the custom engineering expertise to individually curve a series of poles, with varying lengths and radiuses, to look like reeds blowing along the Maine coast. Valmont's considerations for local conditions and AASHTO design standards brought the custom poles the same level of integrity offered in all its standard products.

The customer’s satisfaction with the end-result of their artistic inspiration highlights Valmont's ability to turn really any concept to reality.

Key Features:

  • Custom designed reed poles
  • Special bonding jig for unique curving radius
  • Protective coating

  • Learn more about how Valmont custom engineering can bring both aesthetics and quality to your next project.

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