STS 20' to 50' DS220 Pole

Valmont Square Tapered Steel Light Pole

A-1 STS DS220 PoleImg
A-1 STS DS220 PoleImg

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  • The pole shaft is a 1-piece assembly conforming to ASTM A595 Grade A or A572 Grade 55 with a constant linear taper of 0.11 in/ft.
  • A pole ​is provided with either a tenon top or drilled ​for a fixture mounting. A removable pole cap is provided for drilled poles. 
  • A reinforced handhole with grounding provision is provided at 1'-6" from the base end of the pole assembly.
  • The two-piece full base cover fabricated from ABS plastic is provided with each pole assembly. 
  • The ​anchor bolts conform to ASTM F1554 Grade 55 and include two hex nuts and two flat washers. Bolts have an “L” bend on one end, and are galvanized a minimum of 12” on the threaded end.

Anchorage Data

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Load and Dimensional Data

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