STS 20' to 39' DSF20 - DSF35 Internal Hinged Pole

Valmont Square Tapered Steel Light Pole with Internal Hinge

  • The pole shaft conforms to ASTM A595 Grade A or A572 Grade 55 with a constant linear taper of 0.11 in/ft.
  • For easy maintenance, the steel light pole features an internal hinge which includes a stainless steel pin. A flexible guide is provided for wiring protection through the hinge area.
  • The shroud is fabricated from weldable grade hot rolled commercial quality carbon steel with a minimum yield strength of 45,000 psi. It is a one-piece formed channel which conforms to the pole shaft taper. The shroud is secured by a threaded stud and nut with provisions for a padlock to prevent accidental or unauthorized lowering.
  • A removable winch is available for raising and lowering the pole.
  • A covered handhole and grounding provision with hardware is provided.

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