RTA 8' to 30' Embedded Pole

Valmont Round Tapered Aluminum Light Pole

  • All aluminum alloys shall comply with metallurgical and mechanical properties set forth in the Aluminum Association Standards.
  • The shaft shall be spun tapered from all new seamless 6063 alloy aluminum tubing and shall be heat treated to produce a T6 temper. Each shaft shall have a minimum of 6” straight length at the top. Top section serves as a slipfitter for a luminaire or for the hub of the appropriate Valmont bracket or tapered arm. Alternatively, the top section may be drilled for mounting luminaires. The shaft shall be cone tapered to the base diameter.
  • Unless otherwise specified, the length of the embedded section of a 4” diameter shaft shall be 3’, 5” and 6” shall be 4’, 7” and 8” shall be 5’. A 1-1/2” diameter grommetted wire inlet hole located 1’ 6” below grade shall be included. The embedded section of the pole shall be coated inside and outside with zinc rich paint.
  • Each pole shall include a 5/16”-18 tapped provision for ground connector.

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