RNTA 16' to 30' Pole 4-bolt Anchor Base

Valmont Round, Non-Tapered (Straight), Aluminum Light Pole

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RNTA-16-30-4Blt -AnchrBs-AnchrBsDetail

Downloadable Files

  • Pole - The straight pole shaft is extruded from seamless alloy aluminum.
  • Pole Top - A pole top tenon is provided for top mount luminaire and/or bracket. A removable pole cap is available for poles receiving drilling patterns for side-mount luminaire arm assemblies.
  • Handhole - A covered handhole with hardware and grounding provision are provided.
  • Base Cover - Optional Dart Square-2T cast and decorative base covers available as special order.
  • Anchor Base - The anchor base is cast from 356 alloy aluminum. The completed assembly is heat-treated to a T6 temper. Aluminum nut covers are included with anchor base unless otherwise specified.

Anchorage Data

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Load and Dimensional Data

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