Tucson 3D Composite Base Cover

Valmont Two Piece Enduro™ Urethane Decorative Base Covers


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Cast from unique BASF formulation of Elastomeric Urethane:
  • Optimum impact resistance and superior durability
  • Non-corrosive and will not rust
  • Non-conductive without conventional access door to improve safety and security
  • Inherently theft resistant with no resale value as scrap
  • Affordable and easy to maintain
Available in a wide variety of colors and textures:
  • Matching Valmont Steel, Aluminum, or other manufacturer’s colors.
Parent material to be impregnated with black tint, prime coat added as standard for light color finishes:
  • Maximizes finish preservation over time
  • As optional, parent material may be custom tinted to complement alternate color
Made in the USA:
  • Compliant with Buy America DOT standards and furnished with brass inserts coupled with stainless steel hardware.
  • Ensures consistent supply chain.
  • Meets ADA requirements for pedestrian push buttons.
Durable finish backed with 3-year warranty:
  • Superior performance provided as the Enduro standard

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