Valmont Structures | Street Lighting Photo Gallery

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  • Trinity River Bridge
  • Steel Fluted Pole with Twin Arms
  • Tapered Fluted Pole with deco arm and scroll
  • Nashville, TN Decorative Street Lighting
  • Smooth Round Pole with Vista-2 Arm
  • Fluted Pole with Green Base, Arm, and Finial
  • Golden Gate Bridge Custom Curved Poles
  • Decorative Steel Lighting with Breakaway Banner Arms
  • Custom Street Lighting Pole
  • Black Square Pole with Custom Cable Attachments
  • Black Decortaive Pole with Globe Finial
  • Custom Bridge Pole and Arm
  • Custom Curved Pole
  • Custom 2-Color Pole with Telescoping Aluminum Arm
  • Bay Bridge Custom White Poles


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  • Tollway Davit Poles
  • Straight Round Aluminum Poles
  • Straight Non-Tapered Steel Poles
  • Standard Street Lightings Pole with Truss Arm
  • Round Tapered Street Lighting Poles
  • Round Tapered Street Lighting Poles with Arm
  • Round Tapered Street Lighting Mounted Poles
  • Round Tapered Pole with Upswept Arm
  • Round Tapered Standard Street Lighting Expressway Poles
  • Round Tapered Double Davit Arm Poles
  • Round Street Lighting Poles with Upswept Lighting Arms
  • Round Aluminum Street Lighting Poles
  • Black Lighting Poles with Truss Arm
  • Aluminum Davit Street Lighting Poles
  • Galvanized Double Truss Arm Poles
  • Double Truss Arm Poles
  • Aluminum Davit Pole with Small Piggyback Arm
  • Galvanized Street Lighting Poles