Valmont High-Mast Light Towers

High-Mast Lighting Towers

High-mast lighting installations are often located where today’s most busy expressways merge or intersect. Valmont's tapered steel high-mast poles also support other large-area lighting applications, such as those found at airports, shipping terminals and other heavy-industry zones. In all these applications, safety is paramount and technical design expertise is essential. 

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Valmont’s single tube, high mast structures can reach heights up to 250 feet, and are adaptable to lowering devices or fixed mounting arrangements. Innovations such as the organization’s low-drag, internally wired fixture platform, which works with round or multi-sided shafts, has made Valmont a top choice for customers needing high-mast lighting towers.

With deep engineering know-how, Valmont is well qualified to account for the lighting load, tower weight, variable wind speeds, local soil conditions and a host of other relevant variables which less experienced suppliers may not consider in their designs.

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