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With an uncommon combination of global resources and local expertise, Valmont Structures is a recognized leader in designing and producing engineered infrastructure for the lighting, transportation and wireless communications industries worldwide.

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The brands and products Valmont Structures North America offers are often custom-engineered to meet the specific needs of an individual customer or installation site. As such, Valmont employees and representatives value every customer engagement and are adept at delivering customized solutions to tough technical challenges.

Building on a strong heritage of proven results, Valmont’s comprehensive selection of light poles, lamp posts, high-mast towers and other lighting structures empower economic productivity and round-the-clock activity while enhancing outdoor aesthetics and safety.

With knowledgeable, professional engineers on staff, Valmont designs and produces traffic signal poles, mass transit structures, roadway sign structures and camera poles which facilitate the safe, efficient flow of vehicles and pedestrians across North America.

In addition to the products and services mentioned above custom-designed commercial sign structures, landmark gateway sign structures and other customized products and technical services are offered.

The Microflect™, PiRod® and Valmont Structures offering of wireless towers and monopoles are renowned for providing expert engineering and durable designs which serve as the backbone for modern wireless communications. In addition, Valmont Site Pro 1 offers a remarkable selection of components for wireless tower applications.

Matco Services provides pole safety inspections and a range of advanced technical services which enable customers to gain an increased understanding of the structural integrity of their installed poles, towers and other essential structures.

Valmont Structures designs and manufactures high quality extruded aluminum products which meet or exceed the specified requirements of North American customers.

The inherent structural integrity of the products Valmont Structures designs and produces is reflected in the personal integrity of the company’s employees and representatives who each day strive to deliver remarkable service to every customer.

This interwoven culture of integrity is one reason a growing number of customers are choosing Valmont Structures.To learn more about the products and services available, contact your local Valmont Structures North America representative.

For information regarding Valmont Structures products and services offered in Europe, the Middle East and the Asia Pacific region, visit Global Structures.